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As professionals, we all have three things in common:

1.) A Resume — Our personal one-pager, breaking down all of our experience into a list of accomplishments.

2.) A Cover Letter — A brief statement of our purpose for applying, providing a brief glimpse of the human behind the text.

3.) A Score from an Applicant Tracking System — A computers assessment of how good of a fit we would be for the role in question, based upon our resume.

If the third item on that list doesn’t make you shudder a little bit, then I recommend you stop reading…

The world stood still this year, as entire nations shutdown and humanity faced off with a global pandemic. Consequently, our markets came grinding to a halt, ushering in another recession for the economy. For many organizations, this brought about furloughs and job cuts. Pushing businesses to the brink of failure, as a wave of uncertainty and volatility washed over each industry. Like every recession that has come before, the markets will recover. Businesses that survived the downturn will soon find themselves primed to capitalize on the newly available market share and unemployment rates will drop as organizations look to sustain…

A one step guide to landing the job you’ve been dreaming of

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No matter your relationship with work, we all aspire to derive satisfaction from the jobs we have. From the janitor to the CEO, everyone aspires to distill the time they spend working, into an experience that offers more than it takes. A transaction of our time, effort, and energy, for money, satisfaction, and opportunity.

Unfortunately, not all transactions are equitable. Many of us experience jobs that take more than they give, and as a result we’ve come to find compromise in our careers. We make sacrifices to maintain a balance over our life’s priorities. …

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Looking at my life today, by every measure I’m successful. I manage the stress of sustained ambiguity, am actively building my own personal brand and continue to grow myself into the person I aspire to be. Yet, with all of my accomplishments and everything I’m still working towards, it’s not enough — I struggle to see the forest through the trees and for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to shake my perception of insufficiency.

In certain ways, it’s a motivator for my success. When you’re on the bottom, you constantly strive to be on top. Fueled by the desire…

During my most recent stint as a job seeker, I found myself curious about how such a crucial element of business has come to be so fervently despised by professionals everywhere.

Years ago, something initiated a perpetuating cycle that drove our job market to the current loathsome state we have today. I realized something though— it comes down to the proverbial “chicken or the egg” dilemma.

Which came first? Did the talent acquisition industry begin looking for an innovative way to handle candidate profiles, thereby shaping job seeker behavior and creating the hyper-data focused job market of today? Or instead…

Much like every other 20 something year old who is striving to launch their career, and is trying to find a path among the constant bombardment of opportunity, I struggle…hard. On a seemingly daily basis, my brain churns through thought after thought, analyzing how each decision I make aligns with the future I hope to have. A series of judgments are made on if it’s a “should” vs a “want”, and how the decision wraps up into the interconnected web of life priorities that I’ve established for myself. Sometimes I get lucky. The stars align and I have a metric…

Bryan Karr

Solutions Consultant | MBA | Career Coach

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